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Naweed’s Stories

welcome to my stories!

based on actual incidents of my life!

nothing is fictional!

Latest from the Blog

Vijay Lakshmi

She met him through an online hosting site. She was a traveler and was exploring Lahore for a couple of days. It was her first time in this amazing city. He was excited and looking forward to meet her, as her name reflected that she might be from the other side of the divide. ItContinue reading “Vijay Lakshmi”

My Mum’s Folk Wisdom

I still remember that when there was any crow making noise at the roof or at the aerial of the radio, at our Old Anarkali house, my mum would say that some guest is coming to our home. She would also guess if the guest is coming from afar or from nearby; just by lookingContinue reading “My Mum’s Folk Wisdom”


When me and my mum went to England in 1988, we stayed at her youngest brother’s place (my uncle). During our short stay, his behavior towards me was humiliating. He remained aloof, indifferent, cold, critical, sarcastic and belittling. He would pick up an argument or fight with me on trivial matters My mum’s heart wasContinue reading “Karma”

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